Neuralert awarded Ben Franklin PRIMA Grant

Philadelphia, PA – Neuralert Technologies LLC ( has been awarded PRIMA (Philadelphia Regional Integrated Medicine Alliance) Grant funding by Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA. PRIMA links discovery, infrastructure, information and analysis systems and commercialization resources to enable startups, large companies, universities, hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations and regional life science stakeholders to collaborate to accelerate technology innovation and reduce barriers to commercialization.

Neuralert is a spin-out from the University of Pennsylvania, founded by Steven Messe, MD (Department of Neurology) and James Weimer, PhD (Department of Computer and Information Science). The company focuses on early detection of stroke symptoms in hospitalized patients via smart, non-invasive, wearable devices. Its innovative platform can accurately detect these symptoms and immediately alert clinical staff to assess the patient and initiate stroke mitigating treatments. Neuralert dramatically reduces the time to detect stroke symptoms, saving patient lives, improving outcomes and reducing hospital costs and liability.

“We believe we can end the devastation caused by in-hospital strokes. Using an automated method like Neuralert to monitor post-surgical patients as well as patients with elevated stroke risk, decreases the delay between a stroke event and treatment” said Eric Corkhill, CEO of Neuralert Technologies. “Ben Franklin PRIMA Grant funding will help us to port our technology to a stable, secure infrastructure utilizing Amazon Web Services.

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